Friday, September 9, 2011

Mindil Beach

Although I don't know much about Darwin, I had heard of Mindil Beach and the market that occurs there every Thursday evening. It was only a mile or so from where I was stating so I wandered down a bit after 5pm when it starts.

 Palm trees outside the Casino which is next to the market area.

There were already lots of cars there, parked under the shady trees.

And so into the market area. I couldn't help thinking back to the markets in France. The big difference of course is that virtually everybody here is wearing shorts.

This bloke on the left in blue jeans really knows how to crack the whip. He invites young kids into the ring to have a go and they invariably fail to loud applause and then he shows them how it is done.

Now you know how it is done. Make sure you turn your sound on.

There's all sorts of food stalls but none selling Philly cheese steaks so there is an opportunity here. I'm not sure how well a cheese steak would go here in the heat and humidity however.

Lots of blokes here.

Unfortunately oysters don't agree with me but these looked good.

For some reason or other, Mexican food has never really caught on in Oz.

This couple on the right were trying to raise money for something or other by singing. It was as pathetic an effort as I have ever seen. If I'd been really rich I would have given them $100 to go away.

I'm sure the woman on the right never realized how the pattern on her dress really made such a statement.

This is a curious photo in that I originally was trying to capture the pink and yellow half globes on the left. In markets like these I hold my camera down at waist level and just click the button when I see anything interesting. I try to be as unobtrusive as possible. Later, I crop the shots and straighten up everything. When I reviewed this photo I immediately was intrigued by the circles and the tree. Pure accident.

Dad with his kid. It's that sort of place where rough tough Dad can do this.

I liked the rhythm of the flags and the tree.

Now how do you think this would look in your place. Or on your desk at work. You could say that you wrestled it and killed it as in Crocodile Dundee.

Numerous stalls were advertising their trips to local attractions such as Kakadu and Litchfield. I can imagine how you would feel after an entire day in the back of this truck.

Animal Rescue was there. Apparently most of the animals have been pets who were left behind when their owners have left Darwin.

I have no idea what went on in here and they didn't seem to have any customers.

I liked the cloth roof.

And the colours.

Power cord on a Moreton Bay Fig tree.

It was great to see so many people just sitting around relaxing having a good time.

I was feeling a bit peckish so started off with this lamb satay with a peanut sauce. Very tasty.

Mindel Beach itself.

As a beach itself, it's nothing special, but I suppose if that is what you have, then that is what you have. No waves to speak of.

People relaxing and eating in the space between the beach and the market.

Next some sort of beef curry in pastry thing. Not bad but curry flavour was not intense enough for me.

Now this was intense. The woman asked me 'How hot?' and I settled on five chilis which she pounded and ground up in a wooden bowl along with garlic and peanuts.  This was really good and really hot. I followed it up with a passionfruit, mango and orange smoothie that was absolutely the best smoothie I've ever had. Unreal flavours and just so fresh.

There was a huge crowd surrounding this bloke playing a didgeridoo. Make sure you listen to this.

People waiting to see the famed sunset. I decided I was getting very tired so I started to walk back to my bed. Once it turns 7pm on the first night in Oz, Cinderella needs to be in the pumpkin going home to sleep.

It was still hot and humid, but people were out there playing tennis and practicing football.

The sunset from another vantage point.

I was asleep by 7:30pm and woke up as usual at 3am. It's now 6:30am and I've completed the first two blogs.

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