Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Let's Edam some Cheesum

Now that you have winced and decided that you would never descend to that level of poor pun you can now feel quite superior as you look at this blog about the small town of Edam.

This small town is about 15 miles north of where we are staying and is famous for its cheese.

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We parked the car by an area of water where canal boats can turn around and moor. It was just outside the old part of town. There is no train line to Edam so you need road transport to get here.

Yet another bridge over a canal. Cars could drive over the bridge but there was not much room on either side, even for a small car.

If you zoom into the map you will see that the town is built beside numerous long canals are parallel to each other. All the canals are lined with old houses and trees.

Canal boats line the banks and there are some real beauties.

Some of the old houses have intricate designs and plaques built into the bricks.

On the other side the houses were modern.

Some cheeses.

We were intrigued by this blue seat between the two doors. Presumably they are good neighbours.

Yet another bridge. When you have a lot of canals you have a lot of bridges.

My view of some large pots of flowers. 

Marianne's view.

The town hall which now serves as a tourist office.

Interesting building but I don't know what it is.

The leaning building second from the right is apparently the oldest building in Edam and now houses the museum. It was closed since it was a Monday.

Canal under what appears to be the town square.

I think this is the town square where they used to sell the cheeses. In summer they dress up in old costumes and roll out the cheeses to attract tourists.

Now that is a decorated bike.

The carillon. It is now used as a studio. 

The remains of the church that the steeple was attached to.

Now that is an impressive lean.

And since the building dates to 1584 I am not surprised.

This is a speed bump. The streets here have lots of them. To be honest I haven't see much speeding anywhere in the Netherlands. I think it is because people seem to be so relaxed here.

Puppets in a window.

This cat was really looking at another cat that was following us down the road.

And so we wended our way back to our parking spot beside the canal. It was a lovely walk even if it was cloudy and gloomy.

We only found one shop that was selling Edam cheese and it was crowded so we never tasted any of the cheese. This was a pity since I can't remember eating Edam for many years. The similar Gouda cheese is much easier to obtain and I wonder why.


  1. Ray,

    This is beautiful. I am ready to move there. I even love cheese, but where are all the people? It looks deserted.

    I do miss your walk, btw...


  2. It was a Monday and with very few tourists since it is the day when many attractions are closed. I do try to avoid including people in the photos.

    Hopefully the walk across England will continue on Monday, June 24.