Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A picnic in New Castle, Delaware

Amanda and James invited us to a picnic with their parents held in a park by the Delaware River in the quaint old town of New Castle in Delaware. We had been there a few years ago in Winter so it was a pleasant change to go there in Summer.

The Church without snow.

It is a real pleasure to wander around on a lovely summers day. If I had to move from where we live now to some other location in the general area, I would seriously consider New Castle. 

The park behind the courthouse.

Statue of William Penn.

The picnic spot under a shady tree. There was a lovely cool breeze coming off the water.

Looking downstream.

The Delaware Memorial Bridge from Delaware to New Jersey.

The Police Station.

We had a lovely time at the picnic. We know Amanda's parents very well since we all live in the same community and Amanda and Robin are best friends. James had brought a badminton set along and I played for a while until I got tired. 

The picnic was held on Amanda's birthday which is also close to Ron's birthday. Consequently, there were two cakes with candles that needed to be dealt with.

When we got home, I had a very long nap.

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