Tuesday, July 28, 2015

St Florian - a walk through the village

We missed the bus back to Linz by a few minutes. The recital ended with Widor's toccata which I really dislike. If we had walked out we would have been in time for the bus, but of course that would have been impolite.

Across from the bus stop was a small park. It used to be a vegetable garden for the Monastery.

Those are former roof tiles with the written inscriptions.

It's amazing what you can do with hunks of tree branch.

View from the park.

Rural Austria. Just beautiful.

The Monastery is at the top of the hill with the village below so we walked down the hill to another bust stop in the village.

We liked the green.

My door photo of the day.

A very distinguished building.

The side of the distinguished building. It appeared to be something like a Town Hall.

We had to wait over an hour for the bus but it came eventually and took us back to Linz.

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