Thursday, July 30, 2015

Linz - Schloss Museum

After the walk down hill, we were thirsty so we had a smoothie at the cafe in the Ars Electronica Center which is one of the ugly buildings on the north side of the bridge over the Danube. We were expecting to tour its exhibits but it was closed for almost a month. So we headed over to the Schloss Museum.

Entrance to the castle.

The old castle is now a museum and modern bits have been added to the old structure.

Their feature exhibit covered the US and Russian occupation in the years after WWII.

One of the first rooms we entered featured a long panorama of the Traun River that joins the Danube just downstream of Linz. The photo shows about a quarter of the length.

Those of you who know the film 'Where Eagles Dare' would remember scenes with a cable car. While some of the scenes were mock-ups, most of them were filmed  at this location in Ebensee. The cable car climbs up the valley to the mountains behind.

Ebensee was also the site of a concentration camp carved into caves in the mountain just near the lake. Armament works were to be built and at one time the idea was to build V2 rockets there. 

The museum has just about everything anybody could have collected over the years.

The original Afro.

I rather liked this statue. As you would expect, the signs are in German so I have very little idea what this was about.

We reckoned this was one happy baby.

I burst out laughing at this painting with the heads all tilted one way or the other. Marianne reckoned it was probably very daring at the time.

The workmanship is absolutely astounding.

Beethoven's piano.  Much of his music was composed at this keyboard.

So far we have not had any Linzertorte. Marianne reckons it is too dry.

Stoves to heat your room by radiation. A small fire warms the masonry which radiates heat long after the fire is extinguished.

Just your common hinge.

Of course, there had to be something about Bruckner.

A device for producing static electricity.

To be stored in these Leyden Jars.

What a fun looking car. It was built in 1940.

More about the Steyr 50 and 55.

Now that is a horn.

Just before entering the exhibit on life after WWII was this photo of the Hauptbahnhof which is just 200 yards from our apartment. Most of the buildings in this area are post war.

We looked at the post WWII exhibit but photography was not allowed. We were feeling tired so we went outside where there was a nice breeze.

The castle sits on top of a small hill so there are fine views over the city.

We walked back to the tram and of course we came across another Bruckner monument. He lived here for a while.

It was good to get back to the apartment and have a cold beer. There is a limit to how much sight seeing is good for you in a day.

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