Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Linz - a boat ride on the Danube

We waited for what was supposed to be a fine day to take a cruise on the Danube.

Most of the local cruises are on weekends but there is a short two hour cruise daily for about 13 euros.

Linz is a popular stopping point for the long distance hotel cruise ships. Just look at the huge length of this this tub. It looks like there are two levels of cabins. It would take you half a day to get to the other end.

Our boat was quite tiny by comparison.

Another hotel boat.

Nobody seemed to be on the restaurant deck.

Everybody was on top for the view.

The boat moved off very gradually and turned 180 degrees to go down stream. This is the bridge we had walked over a couple of days before.

The ugly Rathaus with the ugly modern museum across the road on the right.

An old paddle boat that runs on weekends.

Yet another hotel boat in front of the Bruckner Concert Hall.

We might get up there tomorrow.

Somebody deserved a cold half liter of beer. It usually costs a bit less than 4 euros.

The red stood out against the green hills.

I was surprised the water was not all that deep near the banks of the river.

We proceeded down river for about 45 minutes and then turned around. The Danube continued on its merry way to the Black Sea. Apparently you can cycle the length of it (2800 km).

There is not really too much to see on the left bank. Most of the interest is on the right bank which we would see on the way back. 

Linz is the steel making capitol of Austria and on the way back we passed by the various factories.

Slag heaps.

Interesting how the slag washed away.

Steel city. Note the lack of smoke.

Austria apparently has strict rules about pollution from the steel mills.

Camping area beside the river.

The wharves are not used as much these days.

Artists have been invited to create murals on the old factory walls.

House made of shipping containers.

Yes, those are shipping containers.

A bad end.

Where the cruise ships are pulled out of the water and repaired.

Except when large vessels pass, the river is quite calm. We could barely feel the engine of our ship and it was all very smooth and quiet except for the announcements in German and English.


Back at the Brucknerhaus.

We enjoyed the ride. If we ever came again we might do the cruise from Passau to Linz that takes most of a day. It is also possible to take a ship down to Vienna.

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