Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Linz - a walk in the old city

After disembarking from the cruise ship, we returned to our apartment by some of the back streets.

Like many old cities, once you get away from the main drag you come across all sorts of arcades. little plazas and narrow streets. Enjoy all of these in the following photos.

We went inside the Landhaus church. Marianne's comment was 'just another church'. This was the common style in the area.

Mozart stayed for four days in this house across the square from the church. In that time he composed his Symphony No 36 now known as the Linz. How did he compose it so quickly?

The courtyard in the house.

The top of the steeple of the Mariendom, the largest cathedral in Austria.

After all the other light, airy churches, this is a case of 'behold the gloom'. It was much darker inside than the photo suggests.

The church is noted for its stained glass.

You can read more about the Hermit in the Tower here.

Plaque for Anton Bruckner, Linz's favourite son. While we were on the cruise, the names of famous people from Linz were announced. Somehow Hitler did not get a mention.

He was not born in Linz, but his father moved to Linz and settled in a suburb called Leonding. The house would be about two km from our apartment. I don't plan to visit.

The cathedral suffered bomb damage in WWII and the stained glass in the area around the alter was destroyed. Instead of restoring them they were replaced by modern designs that are quite effective. As usual, the photos do not do them justice.


A stage set up by the cathedral square. Santana was due to appear soon.

We liked the facade of this little church.

Marianne with the eye of an eagle, pointed out to me this flower above the entrance.

We both have really enjoyed Linz so far.

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