Thursday, July 30, 2015

Linz - Pöstlingbergbahn (tram ride) and a walk in the countryside

One of the world's steepest tram rides climbs a mountain on the north side of the Danube. It is known as the Pöstlingbergbahn and we decided to take the ride up to the church at the top of the mountain and then walk back down.

We managed to get seats. The rail gauge at 900 mm is quite narrow so the trams are not very wide. 

The tram leaves every 30 minutes and were soon climbing very steep inclines. It is not a cog railway so traction depends on friction.

It was a pretty journey up but I did not take many photos.

The church at the top of the mountain.

There had been rain the night before so we were hoping for clear air but that did not happen. Still the views over Linz are good.


We walked up to the church.

Mansion just down the hill from the church.

In most countries, a church like this would be considered spectacular. In Austria, it is nothing special.

I have a theory that you can judge your latitude in Europe by the number of arrows sticking out of St Sebastian. The further north the more arrows. In Scandinavia, the bloke usually looks like a hedgehog.

The name of the church. 

We started down hill and crossed the tram tracks.

Then we proceeded along this path that goes all the way down hill.

It is actually quite steep.

It was quiet and peaceful strolling through the woods.

The path is known as the Kreutzweg or Way of the Cross'. The yellow sign shows the direction and the distance to the center of Linz.

We came across what appeared to be a cylindrical house.

There were so many leaves we could not quite tell what was going on.

All along the route are these Stations of the Cross. It would be a penance to climb this path.

I tend to get ahead of Marianne who walks much slower than I do.

It was hot enough work walking down hill. It would have been much worse going up.

An old disused fortification.


A cemetery for German soldiers of both wars.

Garden buildings and plots.

You leave your stuffy apartment and visit your little shed that has some home comforts and enjoy the air. You probably make friends with your neighbours.

One even had a small swimming pool.

The walk takes you along some quiet back streets.

Interesting old section of a house attached to a more modern building.

It was a lovely walk and an unexpected pleasure.

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