Friday, June 23, 2017

Cotswold Lavender

The Cotswolds are only a few miles to the east of Upton so we drove over  there to look at a few sites. We first tried to go to Broadway Tower which by coincidence is close to the famous Cotswold town of Broadway. Unfortunately the road to the Tower appeared to be temporarily blocked so we adjusted and drove down to a lavender farm.

View from the parking lot that does not include fields of lavender.

Fields of lavender. 

This farm has many different kinds of lavender in individual rows.

What can you say?

It became more interesting since they have to distill the oils from the lavender flowers.

The distilling process is done in these wagons which use steam to heat the oils.

New plants.

Marianne wafts some lavender aromas. The process works better without wearing glasses.

Amidst the lavender was a patch of wild flowers.

It was actually quite nice high up on a hill with a cool breeze blowing, especially after the heat-wave of the past few days.

A somewhat grayer variety.

They seemed to be enjoying themselves. As we left, a busload of American women arrived and the parking lot had many more cars than when we arrived.

Marianne went down to the shop / tearoom while I stayed in the car and got the GPS ready for the next leg of our outing.

Having finished with the lavender, we headed off for an ancient burial place.

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