Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pershore and its Abbey

Since it was a nice day, we decided to go to Spetchley Park Gardens. I noticed that Pershore was not too far out of the way so we decided to go there first.

Again, it was an easy drive in the countryside.

We managed to get a park in a convenient spot and toddled off towards the Abbey. There were some distinguished looking buildings along the way.

We wondered if this had been an Inn at one time with the bay windows, but it looks a bit too grand.

The Abbey sits in a large park area with plenty of trees. You might be able to glimpse the Abbey through the branches.

More of the park.

So here is Pershore Abbey. You can read more about it here.

A statue carved into an old tree trunk.

So here is the Abbey. At one time, it was considerably larger.

The side of the Abbey.

Large buttresses.

The nave. It's always interesting to walk into a church for the first time. You never know quite what to expect, but it just about always takes your breath away.

I have never seen this buttress arrangement before. Quite unusual and intriguing.

Looking back to the entrance.

Some of the early foundations, see below.

A very small organ for such a large building.

You can click on the description to enlarge it.

Some of the graffiti carved by bored choir boys. 

The gift shop. There were a few people who welcomed you to the Abbey and volunteered to answer questions.

The belfry. The bell ringers stand on the square platform to pull on the ropes.

To get up there they have to climb a circular staircase, traipse across the roof and then use this rather scary looking walkway to get to the platform. If you are afraid of heights, don't bother to become a bell ringer here.

A faded frescoes on the left side of the entrance.

An even more faded one on the right.

Next to the Abbey is St Andrews church which is now a parish hall.

The High Street. It was much busier than this photo suggests and the moment we left our parking spot, another car dived in.

Another interesting building. I think Pershore would be worth another more leisurely visit.

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