Saturday, August 4, 2018

A walk to Macquarie Lighthouse

We have been visiting Sydney for several years now since I retired. Each time we visit I attempt to do another walk beside the Harbour or beside the ocean. This time we would do a short walk from Watsons Bay beside the ocean to Macquarie Lighthouse.

To get to Watsons Bay we took a ferry from Circular Quay. We arrived about two minutes after our ferry left so we walked to the Opera House until another ferry arrived 30 minutes later. Here is part of the city.

The Opera House. It still is a huge tourist magnet.

Ferries at Circular Quay.

A group of Asian men about to go on a jetboat ride.

Our walk in blue dots. To the north are the Sydney Harbour Heads.

We crossed the park by the ferry terminal to the spot known as the Gap.

Unfortunately quite a few people choose to end their life here. There are signs providing a phone number for help.

We started to walk south.

The city was covered in smoke from 'burning off' fires that had been lit to clear out undergrowth during the winter. It helps prevent major bush fires in summer. Much of Australia has been experiencing drought conditions for a few years so the authorities are expecting a bad fire season this summer.

The Harbour Heads. The ocean was very calm.


Gun emplacement for defending the entrance to the Harbour.

The view is stupendous.

These two houses were for sale. Check them out. Here is the right one and here is the left one. I think I prefer the one on the right.

Another gun emplacement, part of the Signal Hill Battery.

Marine Rescue at Port Jackson. You can read about it here.

The lighthouse came into view.

Survey marker in the foreground.

It's a lovely area for walking.

You can read about the lighthouse here. There has been some form of navigational aid here since 1791.

Lighthouse keeper's cottage.

It was a short walk of about a mile but quite enjoyable. We caught a bus to the city that seemed to stop at every bus stop and was quite crowded when we finally got off. I hate buses.

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