Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sculptures at Trial Bay Gaol

Geoff and I also visited Trial Bay Gaol in 2010 which you can read about here. Our hostess had let us know that there would be a Sculptures at the Gaol event so we were keen to see it.

The Gaol was built to provide the labour needed to build a breakwater which would make a safe harbour for ships in bad weather. At the south-east end of the map is Smoky Cape Lighthouse which we also visited and will get its own blog entry.

We arrived before 10 am but already the various camp grounds and parking lots were filling up. We were fortunate to get a park where we did not have to walk too far.

Climbing up to the entrance.

Admission was $2.

Entrance to the Gaol.

And there were sculptures.

Plenty of them.

It's amazing hat people can thing up and then create.

This pedal car was interesting and was made from various cans and other odds and sods. It's difficult to see, but the floor was made from old car number plates.

Interesting feet.

The old cells had exhibits inside.

Your guess is as good as mine.

You can only imaging the reaction of a prisoner way back when if he was greeted by this over a hundred years ago.

An empty cell.


Furniture from the time that the prison was in use.

A few cells had electricity fed to them to light exhibits.

I liked this one.

Now that is a slab of timber.

The prison has a tower that you can climb and you can see the remains of the breakwater which was mostly washed away by storms.

A quilt made an appearance.

Some of the stalls where you could buy stuff you didn't need.

Some photos of the prisoners, this one taken in 1917.

There was a car show outside.

The engine of an old 1963 Holden. Those were the days when you could work on your car. This model Holden was probably the biggest selling car in Australia at the time.

Inside an old Land Rover. Notice the 'hang on' bar that stretches across behind the steering wheel.

The Holden.

This is a Bufori and you can read about this car maker here.

Just look at those beautiful gauges.

We enjoyed the Sculpture show and of course, the prison is worth visiting.

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