Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Toowoomba suburbs

The next day we set out to see more of Toowoomba.

Our first stop was Picnic Point (lower right on the map).

There are numerous Hoop Pine trees.

The cafe and restaurant at the lookout.

The view to the east with Table Top Mountain. 

Our hostess told us that she had climbed to the top and that it was tougher than it looked.

A very hazy day. I suspect that there had been 'burning off' fires set to reduce fire danger in summer.

The road going up the mountain side to Toowoomba. A new highway is being built to the north that will bypass the city and be used by most of the heavy trucks.

Closeup of the hoop pine.

I then did a bit of haunting, going to my first school. The building I was in was demolished and replaced by new classrooms.

It was the East State School and I was there for half a year at the beginning of 1953. I really did not understand what school was about back then because I already thought I knew it all. Nothing has changed.

My sister Anne got to go to this part of the school.

From there we went to the Gardens which has a few Bunya Pines.

The leaves are long with very sharp points. Very much ferocious beasts.

It's winter here in Oz and it is August but a daffodil had appeared.

It's a pleasure to stroll in this garden.

Do you see the galah on top of the metal cylinder?

A couple of small boys arrived and they clambered over the cannon just like I did when I was four or five.

When I was in Gibraltar earlier this year, I noticed a cannon that seemed very familiar. Here is its photo below.

I think this Gibraltar version is a bit squatter, but the basic design is the same. I seem to remember that the Toowoomba version was this colour years ago and not the grey of today.

Looking down the barrel. No, I don't want my ashes in this barrel.

I remember twirling this twirly thingie when I was young.

Most adults prefer to look at flowers rather than old cannons.

It was too early in the season for flowers, but we arrived at peak viewing time a few years ago and you can see the finished results here.

Summer would be cruel for these dogs.

Later we walked down nearby Godsall Street. Most of Australia has been in the grip of a major drought that has lasted several years. Toowoomba is no exception so compare this scene to that from 2013 of the same ground shown below.

Australia can be lush but it can also be very dry.

An old house being remodeled.

We then drove down to Spring Bluff at the bottom of the range.

We lashed out and each of us had a cappuccino and Marianne ate most of my apple tart.

Later in the day we went for another drive and came across Harlaxton House which used to be the Governor's summer retreat.

Finally we came to Webb Park where there is another lookout.

A zip line for children though at least one adult (not me) used it as well.

The view.

Toowoomba is a lovely city and we always enjoy visiting the place.

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  1. Great photos, great memories for you and thanks for sharing it really did put a smile on my face ... Sue