Saturday, August 4, 2018

Scotts Head

We said goodbye to Robin and headed north to Scotts Head which is about half way to Brisbane. Bt the way, Robin will join us later in the trip.

Once you get out of the Sydney traffic it is quite an easy drive. The road is now a divided highway with two lanes in each direction. Because of the numerous speed cameras, traffic moves quite sedately at the speed limit. There are also cameras that track your time from point A to point B so that you can't just slow down for the cameras and then speed.

We arrived at our Airbnb that has this view. There was a very strong on-shore wind and the waves were quite rough. We had fish (flathead) and chips for dinner and they were the best we have had for some time.

Marianne woke early the next morning and took some photos of the sunrise. I luxuriated in bed.

The wind had died down and it was calm and peaceful as the sun rose.

Our bnb owner came down and talked to us for a while. Debra originally came from Florida and she loves it here in Scotts Head. With a view like this, I can understand. Virtually all of the Airbnb people we meet are lovely people and very friendly and helpful and Debra is one of them.

Debra suggested we visit Bowraville as well as Nambucca Heads so we headed out and you can read about them in separate blogs. When we returned after lunch we walked down the hill into the center of Scotts Head. 

Calm water, quite different from the day before.

Playground for the kiddies.

Path to the beach in the distance. It crosses a sand dune that is planted with vegetation to prevent erosion.

Aussies usually are not too impressed by beaches overseas. We have oodles of beaches like this.

I prefer these smaller secluded beaches to the long beaches that stretch for miles. 

Shed and tables for the picnic lunch.

The town's recreation hall. It looks like a great place for a country dance.

The end of the longer beach at Scotts Head.

A long beach that stretches for miles.

We came across these mosaics on the side of a building.

The building turned out to be the toilet block.

The artist. More about him here.

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