Sunday, August 5, 2018

A whale of a time at the Smoky Cape Lighthouse

After the Gaol we drove about twenty minutes south to the Lighthouse.

Naturally you have to walk up a hill to get to the lighthouse.

But you do get to see terrific views along the way.

Typical vegetation on these hills which are exposed to strong winds.

You can stay at the old light-house keeper cottages. The cost is steepish but you can have up to six people.

The final climb up to the lighthouse reminded me of the steep climbs at Gibraltar.

The lighthouse is still in operation though it is operated automatically.


The beach to the south. Unspoiled.

A rock a few hundred yards out to sea.

The annual whale migration up the coast to Queensland is underway and we could see some passing by. The white splash is from a calf swimming with its mother.

We drove back to Scotts Head and I stopped briefly to take this photo of a row of wattle trees.

We got home, had lunch and I had a nap. While I was asleep the whales arrived and Marianne got some good photos.

In a week of so we will start our five week house exchange in Urangan which is the destination for the whale migration. So expect more whale photos.

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  1. What a lovely lighthouse! And whales too. Hope you are having a great time.