Thursday, August 2, 2018

Perry's Lookdown and other viewpoints

No, I am not getting snobby in my old age and looking down my nose at everybody. But maybe I should think about it. However when we saw a sign to such a place, we had to take a look.

On the way we stopped off at a massive old hotel that has been restored called the Hydro Majestic. It does not look too majestic from this angle, but it is a series of buildings that line a steep cliff for over a kilometer.

One of several pavilions.

The view. The altitude here is about 3500 feet.

It might be fun to stay here sometime.

So here is a satellite view of the area.

And a 3D view showing the cliffs.

We drove down a dirt road and came to the view point. The photo is deceptive since the trees in the foreground are a long way down.

Another Perry looks down.

As usual, bush fires had passed through the area.

Gum leaves which are highly flammable.

We then drove to nearby Govett's Leap. The Perry family are not prone to leaping.

Perry's Overlook is further along the same valley. 

Years ago I would sometimes take a plane from Brisbane to Melbourne in the late afternoon. Usually I would be seated on the eastern side and would get a good view of the sandstone cliffs like these that were lit up in the afternoon sun. Not as impressive as the Grand Canyon, but pretty good.

Family barbecue. It was pretty cold and I would not have wanted to linger.

You can imagine that once a fire starts in these valleys, it is very hard to battle.

An old stone shelter.

It's a pretty area and is very popular in summer when Sydney people come up to escape the high temperatures.

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