Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Airedales at Wombat Bend

The Airedale Terrier is breed of dog. They are known as the King of Terriers and we have been privileged to have been the owners / slaves of two of them. Our hearts leap when we see one.

This is often your first view of an Airedale. Yes, they are happy to see you.

They are a very intense dog. They are very strong with powerful jaws yet they are usually very friendly, particularly with children.

Two different styles. Our dogs were more like the one on the right. 

This older Airedale reminded me very much of our Airedales as they got older. They love to sit on one of your feet and feel the companionship.

Now how can you resist this dog?

It was interesting to watch the dynamics of three dogs playing. One of them always laid on her back. Take me, I'm Your's.

Sleepy dogs.

Notice the back legs are crossed. Not many dogs can do this.

The dog with six legs.


If you are an Airedale lover you can only wish you were there in the photo as well.

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