Thursday, October 11, 2012


Soon after we reached the top of the range, we drove into Braidwood.

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Tree lined approach to Braidwood.

It was immediately obvious that this town had plenty of interesting old buildings.

It was a weekday and the footpaths were deserted. Several shops were shut but they were the kind that sold stuff for trendy women. This town appears to be an up and coming 'trendy' place for Canberra people to hang out at on weekends.

Gold was discovered near here back in 1851 and the population rose to 10,000 which explains why there are so many substantial buildings for a town that now has a population of 1000.

The bakery is famous. 

The above two items were in the thrift shop. I like to put a bit of extra colour into the blogs.

I was struck by the low price for a house and 24 acres of land. It is already under contract.

Apparently the lack of development in the 20th century resulted in so many old buildings being preserved. They are now on the Historical Register for New South Wales.

Later I will show what is on the notice on the right hand door.

A small park.

The Court House behind a couple of gigantic Norfolk Pines.

Most towns of any decent size in Australia have a swimming pool and learning to swim is encouraged. This pool is not full size but at least you could learn to swim here.

Beer casks.

The sign on the door of the pub.

Marianne has remarked on the number of quilting shops in Australia. Every town has at least one.

This is part of some weird motor bike which is part of a class of bikes called Supermonos. Even though I am not into motor bikes, this one looked cool.

A local church.

A very simple entrance.

The roof was unusual.

Small miner's cottages left over from the gold mining days.

This town looks like it is right at the stage just before it gets really popular and the housing prices soar. Because it is 2000 feet up and not that far from the highest mountains in Australia, it is probably coolish for most of the summer. Winters would be cold by Australian standards.

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  1. But did you go to the playground, the boys love it as well as the bakery.