Friday, October 5, 2012

Narrawallee Inlet

We went for a walk around Narrawallee which is the area where we are doing the house exchange.

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We walked north to the inlet.

Essentially it's a creek that becomes a lake before it empties into the ocean.

To clean your fish. I bet fishing would be pretty good here.

There is a ramp to launch you power boat, kayak or whatever.

Path towards the ocean.

The water is salty. The tide was in so the bases of the mangroves were covered with water.


To the north is another beach but it was deserted. You would need to take some sort of boat to get over there. Or swim.

The water is crystal clear.

Interesting piece of history. I couldn't see any remains of the bridge.

There are a lot worse ways to spend a few hours than sitting here looking out.

The bar where the creek enters the ocean. The water would flow quite quickly here and would be very dangerous to cross.

Trees and vegetation on the headland.

Rocks at the headland.

This would be great to sit on in the late afternoon if the clouds were around to provide a great sunset.

The water.

At the end of the path is the Narrawallee beach.

Paddling your surfboard while standing on it seems to be the craze here. Much cheaper than a kayak. I'll have to try it out next year in Chesapeake Isle.

This area is now close to the top of our list as a place to move to. We found this gem right by the water but unfortunately it wasn't for sale.

This place is right next door to the 'gem' and is on the market for $750k. We've looked at housing prices in the area and a house with a view costs $300k to $500k more than a house a block away without the view.

We have been here almost a week so far and the best way to describe it all is 'hedonistic'.

We went back a couple of days later at dusk when the tide was out.

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  1. Ooo it is so cute to see a place through someone else's eyes. The far beach on the other side of the lagoon is part of the national park. You can actually get to it at low tide but you still have to wade through the river at just over knee high. And that beach is enormous.
    That shed should be demolished