Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ulladulla - the beach at Narawallee

Our last house exchange for 2012 is with a family in Narawallee just outside Ulladulla. It's about a three hour drive south of Sydney.

It's about a couple of hundred yards from the house to the beach.

This is an absolutely magnificent tree. Click on the picture to see its full glory.

A seat for the weary. 

These houses have a pretty good view.

Getting close.

And here is the beach looking south.

Looking north. The beach seems to about a mile long.

Yes, the dry sand squeaks as you walk along.

There are some rocky outcrops.

Notice the little fish caught in the tidal pool.

This is a relatively deserted beach, even on a holiday weekend.

Perfect blue sky.

The water is crystal clear. If you click on the picture you should see the tiny ripples above the sand.

The green blobby things are quite soft and if you touch one with your toe it spouts out water.

As the waves come in, all the water then has to go out and these outflows are known as rips. Here a rip appears to have scoured out some sand. If you ever go swimming at Australian beaches you definitely need to be aware of the danger.

It is all quite pristine. 

The water is a bit cold but definitely not freezing. It's fine to wade in and feels really good on your feet.

The headland at the north.

Green moss on the rocks. This green stuff is quite hard.

It's always interesting to photo other people taking photographs with their arms outstretched and leaning backwards. 

This is an absolutely lovely beach and I will be doing a walk on it every day while we are here. It's also great exercise and since I do the walk in bare feet, it helps to strengthen them as well.

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