Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Culburra Beach

We continued north to Culburra Beach where the Shoalhaven River enters the ocean.

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We started off at the southern end of the town.

The Wollumboola Lake that forms the southern boundary. We did not see any black swans.

The sand bar that separates the lake from the ocean. It was a bit overcast so the sand does not appear as white as it normally would be.

Looking north.

This place is going for $550,000. If you click on this link and look at the position, you would understand why. Fifty years ago this kind of basic building made out of 'fibro' was quite common. Most of them in the pick locations have been knocked down and replaced by brick mansions now selling for well over $1 million.

Whoever buys it will probably knock it down and build something new.

We then went north a mile or so to Penguin Head.

No penguins about, just large waves crashing in.

This video is more impressive if you look at it full screen.

It's difficult to tell but I reckon this line of black rock is about 10 feet high.

I have never got used to watching large waves roll in. I find them absolutely mesmerizing.

Finally a view inland to the hills that overlook the Shoalhaven River and Nowra which is about 10 miles inland.

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