Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NZ - Ashburton Domain and Gardens

As were driving north from Timaru we came upon a steam engine that had just pulled a tourist train into the local station at Ashburton.

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By the way, steam engines are usually quite large in New Zealand even though they run on a narrow gauge of 3'6". They need to be powerful to cope with the hills and mountains.

By chance, right across the way was a beautiful park so we decided to take a break and explore.

With its temperate climate and usually reliable rain, plants appear to grow readily throughout the South Island. European plants also thrive as well as the native species.

So take a brief tour of this beautiful garden.

This industrial looking water wheel simply goes round and round and does not appear to power anything.

This splendid tree appeared to have a grave stone at its base.

It turned out to be a monument to Florence Nightingale and the tree was planted to commemorate her life's works.

Touchingly, the Florence Nightingale tree was not the only commemorative tree to be planted.

This is his tree.

When we travel, I do most of the work for these blog entries on a small lightweight Dell netbook. It has a small screen that really does not show colours all that well. I am looking forward to viewing these pictures on a bigger screen that can show vibrant colours.

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