Friday, October 25, 2013

NZ - Queenstown to Manapouri

It was a rainy looking day when we set off to drive south from Queenstown down to Manipouri.

The bridge over the dam that we had seen from the tour boat. Like many bridges in New Zealand, there is only room for one way traffic.

The southern section of Lake Wakatipu. Queenstown is built around a sheltered part of the lake but in this area, the mountains come down right to the water's edge.

We haven't seen Lord of the Rings but apparently this region and mountains were used as the spectacular locations for the film.

Occasionally you could see a few houses across the lake. I suspect there is no road going to these houses and you would have to use a boat.

Looking up at the Remarkables snow covered peaks.

The mountains are very rugged.

This sign is for Clare. On our first day we saw one of the typical NZ road signs featuring a large exclamation point with the word 'Slumps' underneath.

There is only room for the road and an occasional place to stop to take a photo.

The U shaped valleys indicate that a valley was carved by a glacier. Most of the lakes in this area would have a similar shape since they were carved by glaciers as well.

More snow capped mountains.

The small town of Kingston at the southern end of the lake is the site of a preserved railway called the Kingston Flier.

A train used to run from Kingston to Invercargill and Dunedin.

There was no action at all when we passed through.

Park at the end of the lake. It was cold and dank with the threatening rain. We did not linger.

More of the park.

The former bed of the railway track.

It was raining and misty when we arrived at our motel in Manipouri.

We presumed there were more mountains to see, but this was all we could see. 

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