Sunday, October 20, 2013

NZ - Punakaiki - pancakes and blowholes

Towards the end of our drive down the west coast we came to Punakaiki which is famous for its pancake layer cliffs and blowholes.

The entrance.

A map of the area that you walk around.

The path is mostly easy walking except for some more difficult parts on the rocks near the ocean. It is rain forest here. Umpteen million years ago this coastline was attached to Queensland in Australia and some of the vegetation is apparently similar.

The pancake strata.

This is known as New Zealand flax and the Maoris used it for roofs and baskets.

This is usually a blow hole but the waves were not big enough to produce much effect this day.

Very effective walkway.

It all reminded me of the 12 Apostles area in south western Victoria.

Steps leading down through the rocks. The only difficult part of the walk.

Marianne gingerly descends the steps.

I usually never see the faces etc but this time I could see what they were going on about.

There is a small village nearby which I had not noticed as we drove by. There was a cafe across from the entrance to the park that was selling pancakes for $18.50 for a stack. For that price it would need to be quite a stack. We have found restaurant food in New Zealand to be on the expensive side.

The walk took about thirty minutes and was worth doing. It's not quite as mind blowing as the Twelve Apostles but it's still very good.

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