Wednesday, October 16, 2013

NZ - Kaikoura

We stayed in a B and B on the northern outskirts of Kaikoura

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We had a bedroom out the back that had this view of the nearby mountains.

Downtown. Kaikoura is a beach resort of about 2000 people and most of the shops are what you would normally find in a resort.

Not a bad view from your beach.

Looking north to the point.

Looking south.

There has to be something wrong. There has to be a negative. The beach is made of pebbles and there is no sand.

An amphitheater. I suspect it would be a bit chilly sitting in the audience at night most of the year.

The seagull landed on our car while we were huddled inside from the wind.

Its an aquarium on the eastern point just south of the town.

Fyffe Cottage which was built by the Fyffe family in 1842.

Curious rock formations at the point.

Seals at the point. They have a distinctive smell.

Walkway near the point.

Dinner came from this seafood stand.  The mussels and scallops were delicious.

The seagulls are a problem.

You can sit here and eat your food.

We also had Paua and Crayfish fritters but they were not as good. It has to be the only seafood restaurant in the world that does not serve chips. You get rice instead.

We enjoyed our time here and I would recommend coming to eat here. The prices are quite reasonable by NZ standards.

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