Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bad Neustadt

A few miles to the south of Mellrichstadt is the bigger town of Bad Neustadt.

We drove down on a Sunday morning so that we would find it easy to get a park.

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The old part of the town is the circular part to the east of the A.

Things seemed pretty quiet as we strolled up the hill to the center of the old part of town.

I wondered if these were supports for storks nests.

Rathaus means Town Hall.

WE came to the center square and the immediate item you notice is this very tall maypole thing decorated with various flags.

The local oompah band was gearing up to perform.

It is a very nice square and there a few people enjoying coffee at the outdoor cafes.

Little did we know the church was gearing up for action as well.

Interesting door to the church.

The church is beside the old wall that encircles the town.

It must have cost these small towns a fortune to build these defensive walls.

The church bells suddenly started to peal.

We got back to the square where the band was now playing.

Bad Neustadt definitely had a larger variety of shops than Mellrischstadt. Marianne though Robin would be interested in these knitted dresses. They would not enhance my looks.

The local cemetery. There is a Jewish cemetery elsewhere in the town that had its last burial in 1942.

There are quite a few very nice buildings. Some are painted this yellow that Marianne really likes.

From what we can gather from looking at the cost of houses, housing is inexpensive by US standards and downright cheap by Aussie standards.

I liked the ivy on the wall.

There is obviously a lot more to this town than what we saw. The 'Bad' indicates that there are warm springs to take the 'cure' but we didn't find that part of town.

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