Sunday, June 17, 2012

Roßrieth, just east of Mellrichstadt

Our exchange hosts had left us a bunch of literature and somewhere amongst them we found a photo of a castle in a little village Roßrieth just outside Mellrichstadt.

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It's only a few miles away so it didn't take long to get there.

It turned out to be an absolutely delightful little village with some very interesting old barns.

The main street which looks like a typical street through a German village. I did not see any shops.

The local church.

One of the beautiful barns.

Water pump and trough.

This was the house we had come to see. The land was private so this was as close as we could get. The house was owned by the Bibra family and dates back to 1438. There is a moat under the bridge that leads to the white tower in the middle. The Bibra family was one of the most powerful in the area.

Interesting fence for somebody's house.

German post box in front of another beautiful barn.

Germany believes in public transport. Every small village is served, in this case by bus.

I didn't take any photos of them but there were quite a few tractors at work. Somebody has to be out there tending to the fields.

The Germans put their electricity substations in these white towers.

It reminded me of a hop house in Kent in England.

Another couple of views from a different perspective of the house we had come to see. 

So we had set out to see an interesting castle but ended up being more impressed by the barns.

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