Friday, June 8, 2012

Mellrichstadt - a brief walk around the neighbourhood

We woke to a gloomy misty morning and decided to go down into the town part of Mellrichstadt to find a supermarket. Immediately we noticed that there were virtually no cars or people and the shops were shut. The only people we did see were dressed as if they were going to church and it turned out we were correct. It was Corpus Christi which is a feast day for the Catholic Church. Since Bavaria is Catholic, everything is closed.

Late in the afternoon, the sun came out so we went for a short walk around the surrounding street to get a bit of exercise.

Our hosts have a US mailbox. 

We love looking at houses in other countries because they are so different.

Snow guard over a garage.

Just a few solar panels.

Stuff seems to grow very well here. There seems to be plenty of rain and mist and everything is very green.

A substantial play structure for children.

Three boys on a suspended tyre. It seems odd to hear them all speaking German which they do very well. After years of listening to German operas and lieder, I am used to hearing German and I notice that their speech, vowels and consonants, is very clear. While walking around, I could hear various voice types that I remember from records and CDs.

The solar panel extravaganza from a different angle. Apparently this one house supplies power to the whole of Mellrichstadt and enough is left over to power half of Wurzburg.

The roofs are generally steep.

On the far side of the town we could see these green roofed circular buildings. We will have to find out what they are. This is one of the fun parts of going to a different country.

We thought from this view that this was some sort of modern house.

Instead it turned out to be a block of apartments (we presume).

An interesting retirement village for seniors.

Very simple, but very modern.

We were very intrigued. No doubt there is a local uproar about whether the design fits in with the local architecture. 

I liked the lamp.

We are also going to have to find out what the white objects in the field are. Stay tuned.

Wishing well.

Pine trees of varying types are very common. No shortage of Xmas trees here.

We were intrigued by this hedge.

Walking around a neighbourhood in a different country is just as interesting as seeing the major sights.

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