Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mellrichstadt - a walk in the countryside

It was a beautiful afternoon with a temperature of about 70 and a light breeze and Marianne suggested we go for a walk. It took me a little while to get over the shock but a few minutes later we headed out.

We headed up this bicycle / walking path at the end of the street.

We were intrigued by the add-on sun room. It had glass windows but was open at the roof. The glass was probably to shelter the room from the wind which blew across the open field across the path.

Interesting roof shapes.

I suspect even the English would be proud of a landscape like this.


According to my brother-in-law who grew up in a grain producing area in Western Australia, the crop appears to be barley.

Mellrichstadt in the valley.

We wondered how old this basic table could be.

Legumes, presumably for crop rotation.

Another old bench seat.

Wild roses.

A tower off in the distance.

This is wheat.

Flying kites.

We came to the tower and we climbed the stairs up to the first level.

View from the tower.

I decided to miss out on climbing the ladder that went to the top.

Everything is so tidy in Germany that to see this was a bit of a shock.

I Googled a translation and it basically says 'no dumping'.

Another view of the interesting sun-room with the red door.

Going for a stroll in the suburbs and surrounding countryside is a wonderful way to see a country. Even what is common place to the locals is interesting if you are new to the place. Occasionally we came across people walking the other way and they greeted us with the word 'hello', not 'guten tag' as I expected. Maybe we just look different or there is some sort of neon sign that flashes above us that says 'foreign tourist'.

Robin sent us the following message:

In German in high school we learned "Hallo" is a very common greeting in Germany just like "guten Tag". So I don't think it's you in particular. I mean you might walk around saying "good morning" to people if you're feeling formal but you can just as well say "hello" if you're just walking past, you know. 


  1. Great photos. I'm loving browsing through all the interesting places that you're visiting. Thanks

  2. What Robin sent you is just what I was going to say. Look at me having knowledge about Germans, never expected that from myself :p