Thursday, June 26, 2014

A walk from Coogee to Maroubra Bay

Some of you might remember that last year when we were in Sydney, I did some walks along the coast, one of which finished up at Coogee. It was an absolutely beautiful day and after walking the dogs I took a train and bus to Coogee where I would then follow the coast line south to another beach at Maroubra.

Eventually I arrived at the beach. This web site has a good map of the walk down the coast to Maroubra.

The southern end of Coogee Beach.

Looking north to where I had walked last year.

Rock swimming pool. There were a couple of older women swimming back and forth.

Coogee used to look like this back in the 30's. The pier only lasted 6 years because of damage from the surf.

The path heading south. There were quite a few people walking or running.

Sports ground.

Vegetation beside the path.

Looking back north to Coogee. Another rock swimming pool in the foreground.

Wedding Cake Island. It protects the Coogee beach from swells.

Another sports ground.

It was warmer than the prior cold day so a bit of shade felt good.

The sand stone is really beautiful.

Many of these coastal walks were not around when I lived in Sydney in 1970. They certainly are wonderful for the local populace and for tourists like me.


Some of the houses were spectacular.

The coastal path continues between these two houses.

Fortunately there are signs to point the way. A GPS can help to show where you are.

Another narrow lane down to the water.

There was no path. I had to pick my way across the rocks and boulders. Fortunately the tide was out and I had my hiking boots on. This area would not be suitable for high heels.

You might be able to make out a woman sunbathing. 

Sand stone wall.

The wall from the prior photo.

The path became easier.

Some of these boulders are the size of houses.

You might be able to make out the bloke on the top of the rock.

Maroubra Bay started to come into view.

Another rock swimming pool.


Australian beaches always have toilets and changing areas.

And water fountains.

I could sit and watch the waves roll in for hours. They are hypnotic.

Somebody left a Rubik Cube out there. Apparently it is just the cover for a storm water drain.

Shops by the beach.

One of two Surf Life Saving Clubs. I wondered if Little Pattie ever performed here singing her 1963 hit 'Stompin at Maroubra'. It's interesting for Australian to read her Wiki article, particularly about how she was performing for Aussie troops in Vietnam when the battle for Long Tan started.

Sky writing.

The other club about 100 yards south of the other one.

A path heading further south. It would be nice if it went down as far as La Perouse.

However I don't think the path goes too far since it runs into the local Rifle Range on the Malabar Headland.

This was the first time I had ever been to Maroubra Beach. It's not a difficult walk except for the scramble across the rocks at Lurline Bay and only took a couple of hours. A bus took me back into the city.

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