Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sydney - Cabbage Tree Bay

Each time I go to Australia, there is always a problem with my cell phone. After six months of inactivity, the phone number is removed from service and I have to get a new one which is a real pain. I went to the city to a Telstra shop to get it fixed up. I had planned to then take a ferry to Drummoyne for a bit of a haunt since I lived there for a bit over half a year in 1970. When I arrived at Circular Quay, I discovered that the wharf at Drummoyne was closed for repairs so since the Manly Ferry was about to depart, I decided to go to Manly instead. It's a marvelous trip but since I have blogged it a few times, I did not bother taking photos. 

When I reached Manly I walked from the Harbour side to the Ocean side.

When I reached the ocean I noticed a walkway heading east towards a headland and decided to check it out.

The Marine Parade with its line of Norfolk Pines.

The Sydney climate is quite mild so old structures such as this shed have no problem surviving.

The flag at the left denotes an area for swimming that is patrolled by life savers. There is another flag that you might be able to make out. Rips are common at Sydney beaches and it is very important to swim in the area between the flags. The blue building on the right is the Surf Life Saving Club House.

The waves were very flat.

Lots of people exercising.

Interesting sculpture.

Rock pool.

As you might imagine, property prices in this area are enormous.

The cool and bright sun along with clear air was quite a contrast to the heat and humidity of SE Asia.

The water is crystal clear.

So that you don't have to buy bottled water.

Tourists like me taking photos of the views.

A pleasant path through a bit of bush.

Steep rock cliffs which continue south to the North Head. 

The water is so clear these snorkelers would have been able to see well. 

I took the ferry back and on the way saw this Americas Cup type boat practicing.

The sun lit up the ferris wheel at Luna Park as the ferry passed the Harbour Bridge. I never tire of taking ferry rides on Sydney Harbour, particularly on a bright winter day. It's spectacular.

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