Thursday, June 19, 2014


Back in 1970 I lived in the Sydney suburb of Drummoyne for a bit over half a year. I've briefly driven through the area a few years back but have never really gone back to do a bit of haunting. This was my opportunity.

After about thirty minutes of negotiating Sydney traffic, we arrived a the tranquility of  Iron Cove. A GPS is very useful in this city and I have the Sygic App on my cell phone.

Leichhardt Rowing Club. Iron Cove is somewhat secluded from the waves of Sydney Harbour so would be very suitable for rowing.

Cycle and footpath line the shore.

The down town city skyline.

Rodd Island in the middle of the cove.

Clear water.

Iron Cove Bridge in the background. It is part of one of the major arteries bringing traffic into the central city and is very crowded at rush hour. Even back in 1970, it would take over an hour to take a bus into the city. The distance was about four miles. I suspect it still takes that amount of time for cars, but now there is a separate lane for buses. The commute was one of the reasons that made me go back to Brisbane to live.

Buildings on Rodd Island.

Buildings like this did not exist here in 1970. This suburb is only about 4 miles from the center city so many houses that used to line the harbour have been replaced by new houses and apartments.

History of the road. I wonder how he managed to fall into the Harbour from the ferry.

We found the street where I used to live.

Once you get away from the foreshore, many of the older houses still exist.

The area was much nicer than what I remembered from the time. I think there are a lot more trees now and the houses are probably better looked after now. You could not buy a house here for under $1 million.

The block of flats where I lived. I was on the top floor on this side. There was a very good view of the city since the block of flats was on top of the hill.

Those trees were not there thirty years ago.

Marianne was quite impressed by the houses in this area.

It's now a cafe / coffee shop but in my day this was a pizza place that was famous for the high quality of its product. The owner sold a pepperoni style pizza that used bum burner sausage as the topping. Even an hour after eating the pizza, you still could taste the hot flavour in your mouth.

It's winter in Sydney so the orange and lemon trees are loaded with fruit.

Autumn leaves. No where near as good as home in the USA.

Ferocious magpie. They used to attack my blonde hair when I was young.

I suspect this house will sell for over $2 million.

It's difficult to describe how good it feels walking around Sydney on a beautiful winter's day when the temperature is in the 60's and the sky is blue. Somebody has to suffer I suppose.

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