Saturday, September 21, 2013

Maryborough - Technology Challenge 24 hour race

My hometown of Maryborough is a town that progress bypassed. Most of the old industries of saw-milling and shipbuilding have gone and unemployment is high. The town tries hard however and one of the activities that is held each year is a 24 hour race.

The town also hosts a pub crawl that vies to be the world's largest but that is another story.

When we arrived a couple of days before we could not turn to drive down past where I used to live because they were setting up barriers on the streets to be used for the race. The race was due to start at noon on the Saturday and finish at noon on the Sunday. We turned up on Sunday morning to see a crowd of people watching the race. There is usually not too much to do in this town so any event really brings out the locals.

These vehicles are pedal powered and each is unique. They are made by teams of school children and they do the racing. Teams come from all over the state of Queensland.

Some of the vehicles go quite quickly especially the aerodynamic variety.

For my sisters, the old house. At least it has some paint. The race was in the street in front of the house.

There are vehicles of all kinds. There was one that had two riders pedaling back to back.

It's a wonderful event and I would have loved to have been part of such a race when I was a teenager.

For my sisters, Mis Tansey's house seems to have got a new gardener. At least the house and fence are looking a lot better these days.

And for Robin, the cannon is still there.

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