Friday, September 6, 2013

Ocean Shores to Yachats

On a gloomy morning we set off down the coast to Yachats where I had arranged to spend a night.

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The scenery was not all that spectacular in the gloom so I asked Marianne to take a photo of the little town that we were driving through. This happens to be South Bend. Like other towns in the region, it is has seen better times.

The local industry is oysters.

It was a pretty drive even with the gloomy conditions. There was not much traffic.

Eventually we reached the bridge that crosses over the Columbia River to Astoria in Oregon.

The bridge is over four miles long and is really impressive.

Interesting theatre in Astoria. Note that they use the spelling 'theatre' instead of the usual American spelling 'theater'.

We headed east on Route 30 beside the river for a few miles so that I could fill up with petrol. The Safeway supermarkets sell gas about 40 cents per gallon cheaper than everybody else and we also bought sandwiches for lunch. We find eating lunch at a restaurant is just too much food.

We walked a few yards to the river bank from the supermarket parking lot.

There was even a tram operating on an old train track.

We could hear sea lions honking and with th 24 x zoom, I managed to catch these lazing about. There must have been quite a few of them around because there was a lot of honking going on.

The Columbia River is a mighty river. Remember that the Grand Coulee Dam is way upstream.

We continued south on Route 101 and eventually stopped near the ocean so that I could have my afternoon nap. After a short sleep, we walked over the dunes through the long grass to the ocean.

Yes, they appear to allow cars to drive on the sand here.

I walked down to the ocean's edge to touch the water. It was quite cold.

The Oregon coastline is simply spectacular. One magnificent view after another with rocky headlands and good beaches.

Occasional fog.

The coast is dotted with little beach towns, some bigger, some very small. It's nothing like the New Jersey or Maryland shore. Marianne said it all reminded her of what it was like when she was a small girl living by the sea in southern New Jersey.

You have to admit this is a pretty decent view.

Other people at the lookout thought that they had seen a whale at this spot. I think it was just an underwater rock. Mind you, I have never seen a live whale so I can hardly claim to be an expert.

I've been to numerous beaches where whales are said to be common but they leave when I arrive.

I had forgotten that Captain Cook explored this coastline.

It is a magnificent drive down the Oregon coast, but the drive is ruined by the numerous small towns. Most of the towns have speed limits of 25 - 30 mph and there is quite a lot of traffic because this northern part of the Oregon coast serves nearby Portland.

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