Friday, September 6, 2013

Seattle - the Chihuly Museum

Marianne expressed a partial desire to see the Chihuly Museum so we walked north along the waterfront and then up a steepish hill to get to the Museum. 

The museum is near the Space Needle. I went up the tower when I was at a conference in 1998 so I did not feel the need to do it again.

I liked these huge flower sculptures. 

Marianne was still undecided about going in but I persuaded her to do it since we had walked a mile or so to get here. She did not sound enthusiastic enough to make me want to go in with her so I sat in a comfy leather chair in the gift shop while she went in.

Mariane took three photos of the same object. I liked the last one best. Which do you prefer?

It looked more interesting than I had presumed based on what Marianne had told me. I should have gone in. Let that be a lesson for me.

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