Friday, September 20, 2013

Urangan revisited

OK I know I keep blogging about this place but some of my more recent viewers of this blog may not know about it. It is the beach area closest to where I grew up.

The jetty needs further repairs and so the access to the bridge is a walkway beside the bridge structure.

Planks removed showing the enormous beams. These former tree trunks came from nearby Fraser Island. The wood is extremely durable and hard.

I suspect the new pylons will replace the old wooden variety.

If so, these will be removed. Soon the jetty will be like the old axe where both blade and handle have been replaced.

The best part of visiting the jetty is to walk on the sand at low tide. The sand is very flat and walking around looking at the patterns, pools and occasional marine life is fascinating.

The little dots are soldier crabs.

Robin and I once walked out to the jetty and almost got caught by the fast raising tide between the shore and that far sandbank.

Soldier crabs. The blue body is about 1/2 inch across.

Two videos of soldier crabs.

The following photos were taken at sunset. Because Australia lies closer to the Equator than the US or Europe, the sun is much stronger. Sunsets can be very powerful.

This sheltered bay is completely different from the beaches further south which are exposed to the ocean. This bay is usually calm and serene.


Later that day we went whale watching.

The morning after the whale watching.

It is my favourite place on earth.

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