Monday, September 23, 2013

Toowoomba Botanic Gardens

Toowoomba lies about 80 miles west of Brisbane at the edge of the Darling Downs. It's elevation is over 2200 feet and consequently it is usually much cooler than the coastal plain. Since the soil is fertile, flowers grow well and each year, the city holds the 'Carnival of Flowers'.

Although we have been to Toowoomba many times, none of the visits have coincided with the flowers in bloom for the Carnival. The gardens that usually a just growing dirt were in full bloom. Enjoy!

I believe they are cabbages.

So how many of these plants could you recognize? Because of the cooler conditions these European plants thrive here. However, most Australian gardeners would not plant them these days, preferring plants native to Australia that need less water.

Of course there are a few Bunya Pine trees.

And a bottle tree to finish up.

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