Sunday, March 17, 2019

Buenas Aires - hop on, hop off bus - part 1

When I arrive in a city I don't know, I often find it useful to do the tourist thing and take the hop on and off bus. It was only a few blocks to walk to where the bus started at 9 am The hotel had served a fairly decent breakfast so I was ready to go.

It looks like an elegant shop entrance.

It was closed on Saturday but I will go back on Monday because it is the building which houses the school where I had been planning to learn Spanish for a week before tripping around. Eventually I decided that it all made the trip too long.

Church on the other corner.

I purchased the one day ticket for a bit over US$ 20 and went to the open top deck.

The bus departed at 9:00 am. We were given earphones to provide a commentary in English.

Most of the streets are lined with trees.

The widest street in the world, the Avenue of the 9th of July

Eva Peron. I suspect she lights up at night.

There are many elegant buildings here. At one time, Argentina must have been very rich.

A famous theatre that has seen better days.

While this blog entry shows the beautiful Buenas Aeries, most of the city looks like this. Well, perhaps not this bad, but most of the buildings are cheap and ugly.

Jacaranda trees coming into bloom. In another few weeks the city streets will be spectacular.

BA has a metro that is called the SUBTE.

Statue of a famous Argentinian cartoon character. The author lives across the street.

Faded elegance which basically sums up Buenas Aires. It would take a fortune to restore all these beautiful facades.

During the Military Goverment of 1975 - 1983, some 22,000 people 'disappeared'. The placing of this memorial under a freeway is deliberate, representing the darkness of the period.

Russian church.

A clay tennis court. Argentina has produced a few famous players.

Football stadium for the Boca club. Several people got off the bus to take a more extended look. Here is an article about football (soccer) in Argentina.

Another lovely tree-lined street.

Oddly enough, all in the Boca colours.

An old bridge.

I liked the colours.

I have no idea what this was. The commentary is useful but limited.

I think it is a dog.

Notice how they use galvanized iron as a wall covering.

The Boca suburb is really interesting and I enjoyed seeing it.

Back closer to the city, these residential skyscrapers looked comparatively boring.

An expensive shopping area close to the city center.

That was the first part of the bus trip. 

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