Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Buenas Aires - Recoleta Cemetery

Most large cities have something famous and unusual that you can visit and for BA it is the Recoleta Cemetery. But before going there, we see the famous Tortoni cafe and one other item.

The other item is the window where I ate dinner the night before. Something odd occurred there which has never happened to me before. I was quietly eating my cannelloni when a rather dumpy young lady came up to me, smiled and tried to get me to understand that I was handsome. Not having a word of Spanish other than cerveza, I just shrugged my shoulders. Eventually, she gave up trying to communicate and said 'massage, sex'. 

I missed my chance! Imagine if I was able to speak Spanish, I could have asked her if she charged more or less for doing it in front of the window as people walked past.

Since I was leaving that night on the train, the hotel kindly let me place my luggage in their storeroom and I walked to Tortoni's where at 10 am there was no queue. 

I was immediately escorted to a table where I ordered a double espresso and a single churro. The coffee was good and the churro average.

I snapped a couple of photos.

The menu. I'm glad I went inside to see the decor, but it is a 'oncer'. They have a Tango show late in the evening.

I found the nearest subway station and headed off to the cemetery.

It's a good subway system but it is incredibly hot and humid. The passenger cars are air-conditioned.

The wall around the cemetery which is quite small at only 14 acres.

Before going in, I crossed the road and had a cool drink at the shopping mall.

Entrance is free. It is still a working cemetery.

The cemetery provides a useful app to guide you around.

I started to wander around and at times was reminded of the Holocaust memorial in Berlin with long rows and people appearing and disappearing.

I wandered all over taking photos of some of the more unusual tombs.

Fortunately, it was not very crowded.

She must have really loved that car.

Inside a mausoleum.

You did not argue with this woman. At all.

Her mausoleum is one of the prettier ones with the ivy.

The most famous of them all is actually quite small.

Eva Peron of Evita fame.

I had lunch at a nearby brewpub. And yes, that is a Caeser salad. At home, we eat a lot of vegetables and I felt the need for green. And the need for cold beer.

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