Thursday, February 8, 2018

Egypt, Morocco and Spain.

Each year, Marianne enjoys herself while I head off for a trip by myself to some part of the world I have never been to before. This year I will be going to Egypt, Morocco and then Spain. Since I enjoyed the tour of India run by Intrepid last year, I decided to do similar tours in Egypt and Morocco. One of the best aspects of the India tour last year was having a group of people to talk to at dinner each night. So here are the two tours.

The Morocco tour ends up in Marrakesh and from there I will take a train to Tangier, cross the Strait of Gibraltar and eventually get to Madrid via Malaga. It should be fun.

By the way, I use a group called Tour Radar to book the trips. Each year they have a Black Friday sale after Thanksgiving in November and the price reduction is significant.

So tomorrow I will head off to Newark airport which is across the Hudson River from New York. Flights overseas are usually cheaper from there than Philly or BWI. I had planned to do the trip inexpensively using commuter trains, but the Super Bowl has changed those plans. Since I am an Eagles fan, I was overjoyed for the Philadelphia Eagles to finally win the trophy. Philadelphia has declared a holiday and there will be a huge parade

However, they have decided to cancel public transport while the parade is on so I can't use the commuter trains. Instead I will use the much more expensive Amtrak. Ah well, it's only money.

Some of you may have heard that Egypt is dangerous but reports from people who have done the tour indicate otherwise. There is a large armed police presence and I will be met at Cairo airport and driven to the hotel where the tour group meets. In some ways it is more dangerous to visit the USA these days.

So expect more blog entries.

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