Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tinghir market

After our two nights at Todra Gorge it was back onto onto the van.

But first, a photo of Speedy, the fastest and happiest waiter you will ever see. There were quite a few people staying at the Kasbah and he was literally running all over serving people and still smiling all the time. A truly incredible performance.

Mohammed and Mustapha, our two guides. Today we were to meet Mustapha's parents so he had to tuck his long hair under his turban to please his mother.

Before we headed to Boumaine Dades where Mustapha grew up, we visited the market at Tinghir which is close to Todra Gorge and is held ever Monday. These are incense candles.

There were even more bananas in the truck behind the wagon.

There were dates for sale everywhere. These were high quality dates.

These dates were low quality and would be fed to cattle. I tried one and it was very dry and I was not tempted to have another.

Another variety of low quality date.

How the dates grow on the palm tree.


We came to the meat section. 

The butchers sometimes leave the head of the animal on the carcass to prove what it is. You don't want to get dog when you think it is goat.


Pumpkin in the background. It is one of the vegetables that goes into a traditional couscous.

You could even buy a sofa.

Everything was for sale.

These looked like pretty good hibachis.

Lowell mentioned that everything but the kitchen sink was on sale and we turned around and there they were.

You could even buy a sewing machine as well as a pressure cooker.

Books were on sale.

This is a group of men gathered around what is effectively the local witch-doctor who diagnoses illnesses for poor people who cannot afford a regular doctor or hospital. There was quite a crowd of men gathered around..

Even junk was valuable.

It really was an eye-opening market, quite different from the markets in the big cities of Morocco.

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