Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Unfinished Obelisk at Aswan

Things don't work out every time. Aswan was a major source of granite and in this quarry is an example of a project gone wrong.

You should be able to see a large sloping piece of granite towards the left of the photo that would have become the largest obelisk ever. However a crack developed and they did not finish it, leaving it where it was.

We walked up a path to get a closer view.

You can see the sloping top of the granite towards the left.

They had already started work on the pointed top of the obelisk.

We were then taken to our cruise boat where we would spend three nights.

I have a room to myself and it is more luxurious than the Oasis hotel in Cairo. As you come on board there is a reception group who spray your hands with a cleaning solution and off you a very welcome cold towel.

The food on the boat is buffet style but quite good. There was some delicious fish. All the staff are very helpful and friendly and booze is available. A beer costs about $3 as does a glass of Egyptian brandy that I had to try. It's a bit like Armenian brandy and a little sweet. They make a very powerful espresso coffee which is free.

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