Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An after dinner stroll

It was a beautiful evening so after dinner we set off for a stroll around the neighbourhood. It's part of the fun to wander round and see how the real people live. Things were pretty quiet on a Sunday evening, but some people were out and about, or were having a quiet get together on a veranda.

Some of the houses are quite elegant.

We just wandered down this street to where it petered out and then we strolled back.

This really is a gardener's paradise. The weather is very changeable here, blue sky one moment, rain the next. The weather seems to move through quickly but it is usually very gentle rain when it comes.

Perhaps the owner of this car was inspired by the colours of the flowers above. Love the hubcaps.

Even the traffic slowers have flowers.

Not all residences are single homes.

All of the streets in the area are named after classical composers. We believe most of the houses were built in the early 1950's.

Not every Frenchman is a gardener.

Not every house in Alsace is painted in some gorgeous colour.

Even the duplexes come in different colours. 

And finally, a factory of sorts. France can make them just as ugly as any other country.

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