Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The train station at Selestat

This blog is for me and those who love trains. In a couple of weeks time I am off to Australia where I will travel on most of Australia's long distance trains. The only one it won't travel on is the Indian Pacific from Sydney to Perth. Yes, I do have a thing about trains.

The front entrance to the station.

I see to remember there were eight platforms which is quite a lot for a small town.

The main hall at the station. Since we were due to leave early in the morning, I walked over to the station the afternoon before to buy our tickets. You never know how long the queue is going to be.

The back entrance to the station. We used this entrance since it was closest to the house.

This was a neat way to wheel your suitcase up and down the stairs. Just put one wheel in the little trench and your suitcase stays under control. It worked quite well.

Some older style carriages. They are not very common these days.

It's probably what you think it is.

There are lifts (elevators) to the platforms from the tunnel.

Our train arrives, right on time. Because the house was quite close to the station we could hear the train announcements fairly clearly. They are quite distinctive and here is an example.

A TGV passed through without stopping while we were waiting. This line is not actually a high speed line where the TGVs can go at their regular speeds but it still was moving pretty fast.

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