Sunday, August 14, 2011

Strasbourg Cathedral

We drove up to Strasbourg and since I took so many pictures, I've decided to extract the photos of the cathedral and make a separate blog.

The cathedral dominates the landscape and it keeps popping into view at various stages.

However nothing prepares you for when you turn a corner and there is a sense of overwhelming complexity and detail. You brain struggles to comprehend what it is seeing. Click on the photo to get the full effect.

It was the world's tallest building from 1647 to 1874.

Strasbourg is full of tourists on a Saturday morning and there were quite a few beggars. These were the first we saw on this trip.

Above the entrance.

One of the pillars.

Detail of the pulpit.

The astronomical clock. There was quite a crowd trying to get a look at this famous clock and I had to trample two nuns to get this photo. They took it well and didn't swear too much.

It was also very dark so you might do better if you clicked on this link to see it better.

There were quite a few visitors.

The choir organ. Much more restrained than the other organ.

Another view of the organ in the nave.

I'm sure we all know somebody who looks like this.

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  1. Just fabulous! One just can't get enough of gargoyles in this country.