Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Tuesday Market in Selestat

Selestat has two markets each week. The smaller version is on Saturday but on Tuesday morning, much of the old city is taken over by hundreds of stalls.

The market is not as large as the version we saw in Le Puy a couple of years ago but it follows the pattern of clothing in one area, household goods in another and of course, food has its own large section.

My technique for taking these photos is to hold the camera at waist level and simply click away whenever I see anything interesting. Hopefully people don't realize I am taking photos of them. Many of the photos don't turn out, but with some simple cropping and straightening, there are enough for a blog.

I would say about two thirds of the people walking around were women but there were lots of men and children of course. It seemed to be a family outing.

Most of the clothing was for women, but that's always the case wherever you go. I am one of those people who can go to a mall in the US and there is nothing for me to buy.

This was a large wall hanging flapping in the breeze.

Garlic. Perhaps enough for this recipe which calls for an enormous amount of the stuff.

Madame is out making a fashion statement today.

Sausages are everywhere.

The sauerkraut pan.

We bought a 'grande portion' of this sauerkraut for dinner tonight. I weighed it when I came home and it was 1.1 kg or a bit over two pounds.

Cured bacon?


There were quite a few places selling these chickens roasting on a spit but this place must have been the best of them. There were about twenty people lined up to buy and they caused quite a traffic jam.

Huge paella pans. The middle one had large pork and rabbit pieces.

Their chook evidently wasn't much chop. Aussie for 'their chicken was not good'.

The woman was making some fritters out of shredded potatoes.

Cheese of course, but there weren't as many cheese sellers as I expected. The cheese seems to be more expensive at these markets than at the supermarket.

I liked the look of this old woman.

In the background above the mushrooms you can see the vans that have brought in the produce.

The pig with the teeth.

No doubt the fan really cools the sausage.

Dried fruit.

These brushes are apparently what you use to clean your radiators.

A blurry photo but this was the tea shop to be seen at if you were madam attending the market. They were doing a roaring trade.

And a really good blur. I like it.

I bought a packet of snails in garlic butter, twelve of them, for under 2 euros at the local Lidls supermarket. Heated up in the oven for 10 minutes, they were pretty good. You can't go wrong with garlic and butter.

A plate of the sauerkraut we bought at the market heated up in the microwave for a couple of minutes. It had sausage and bacon included as well as spaetzle. I had seconds and there is still more than enough for a second meal of this and it will be welcome. The sauerkraut was wonderful.

Lettuce blob that Marianne bought at the market. It certainly looks good.


  1. The markets there are so much better than those you can find in the States. That food made my mouth water (though I must say the pig with teeth was a bit um--freaky)

    Thank you and Marianne for sharing your travels with us

  2. I love the photos you take. Makes me feel like I'm there. Oh that pig!

  3. But did the old woman like the look of the old photographer?

  4. I wondered about the chook - thanks for the review. Supper tonight might possibly be sauerkraut ala Selestat Market...

  5. We are heading to Salestat in Sept but not there the markets are on. The patchwork show has introduced us to this pictuesque region of France....there for two nites and cant wait. Your report was simply fantastic...thank you!