Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bins and gates - Selestat

The recycling truck comes round every Wednesday morning so our instructions were to put out the recycling bin on Tuesday evening.
I duly noted that they were precisely lined up with the handle towards the street.
So I positioned our bin precisely outside and next morning I noticed that the neighbor had positioned their bin precisely next to ours.

But our other neighbor had failed dismally. No doubt the bin police would be called one day.

I thought this line up was pretty good but the one on the right needed to get in line. Interestingly, all the bins were labelled with the appropriate address. 

This denoted the cycle path crossing of the street.

A spiffy new fence. We were impressed by this and you need to click on the photo to see the detail.

The bike path and yet another older lady pedaling along it.

A couple of interesting gates.

Most of the houses in the area are relatively modest but not this one. In fact it has been split into three units.

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