Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dinner with Alice

Our niece Alice has been staying with us for a couple of days and took us out to dinner at a nearby brasserie. 

Duck was on the menu so I knew what I had to have. It was not as good as the duck breast I had in rural France many years ago where I moaned my way through the meal, but it was still pretty good.

Marianne and Alice had salmon. It wasn't amazing but was good.

Marianne and Alice.

Marianne said the chocolate thing was pretty good.

Alice had creme caramel.

The prunes in Armagnac was really good. I should do this at home. If you like brandy and have never tried Armagnac then you should really buy a bottle of the stuff. For some reason or other, it has a natural affinity with prunes. In addition, the area that it comes from is one of the prettiest in France, and that is saying something.

To be honest, this was our only dinner out in Paris but when you have a supermarket four floors down and markets all around as well as a kitchen, you tend to eat in. And this is why we like house exchanges, here we live like we are living there. Most people don't go out every night to eat, most stay at home and cook. 

We have been away from home for about ten weeks and it has been fabulous. Right now we are ready to go home but that is usually the case at the end of a long holiday. Our own bed will look pretty good.

Even Catty-watty might look good though she will probably give us a good scolding.

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  1. Excellent dinner Ray! I must say...interesting and so tasty dishes were there...I like the creame caramel the most...hope to see these sort of more posts from your side...thanks