Friday, February 24, 2017

A brief walk in Udaipur

Since we arrived in Udaipur about noon, I went for a walk after I had finished having a shower and a nap.

Outside the hotel. There is a reasonable amount of traffic but it is relatively easy to cross the road.

Chemist just around the corner. The hotel has a great location and there is even an ATM nearby.

Steps to a Hindu temple. I did not go up there.

Now those are woks.

The Lake Palace which was used as a location in the James Bond film, Octopussy. Apparently the film is shown constantly in Udaipur since some of the movie was filmed here.

I continued on beside the water. The boat ride left from here later in the day.

A monkey who is visible in the prior photo towards the top.

Tourist boat.

Notice how few people there are. This is a fair sized city but this tourist area is not crowded.

Children playing beside the water. It was not a weekend so presumably they should have been in school.

Passageway. It all feels quite safe in a tourist area like this.

A group of women were washing their saris in the water and some had removed their tops so I refrained from getting closer.

There are still tigers in the nearby nature reserves. I returned to the hotel for another nap before the sunset boat-ride.

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