Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The train from Jaisalmer to Jodphur

Happy gave us the happy news that we would assemble down in the foyer of the hotel at 5:45 am to catch the train at 6:45. Now that we are well trained, we were all down there on-time. Tuk-tuks took us along relatively quiet and deserted streets to the station.

This is not the exact train route but it is close enough.

The overnight train from Jodphur arrived a bit late.

Our carriage had a list of who was to occupy each seat.

In detail. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

All Indian trains are identified by a number. Obviously this carriage just shuttled between two cities every day. Here are the timetables for 14810 and 14809 which was our train..

Inside a basic un-airconditioned carriage.

We had an air-conditioned carriage but it had grubby windows. Peter decided to clean the ones we would be using. I suspect it was the first time they had been cleared in decades.

At this stage our seats were scattered all over the carriage.


The train left a bit late and soon after Happy organized that we could all sit together I chose this seat by a window.

Alejando and Anna with Joh Anna deep in a book.

When we stopped at the next station for more than just a few seconds, we all piled out and started cleaning windows with wipes. The Indians gazed in rapt admiration but did not volunteer to help. If you are a future Intrepid traveler, get out there and start a trend for clean windows on Indian trains.

Naturally there had to be a cow to make sure all was in order.

Happy recommended we try something that sounded like it was class a pochari. It was good and I had another since they were only 30 cents each. We all indulged in chai when the vendor wandered past. It was a good breakfast.

The cow through the train window (cleaned).

Close to Jaisalmer it is still quite dry but eventually we saw more greenery.

Crops growing with irrigation. The last time it rained in Jaisalmer was August of the prior year, six months ago.

A nice facility for the locals. In this very dry climate you drink a lot of water.

More greenery.

A mountain made an appearance.

We arrived in Jodphur only a little late.

Again we traveled to the hotel in tuk-tuks.

The hotel.

Gathered in the garden to get our keys, hand over our passports and get timings for dinner.

I was on the second (top) floor.

The bathroom. The shower worked now and then but the ground floor people got more water pressure.

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